Fostering Self-Awareness, Empathy and Theory of Mind in Early Childhood

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9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
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Developing empathy and self-awareness and building theory of mind can begin in early childhood, even in distance learning. These social emotional skills are interdependent and the foundation for understanding others. These competencies are essential components of social emotional learning (SEL) and wellbeing and can have far-reaching implications as we try to develop a more inclusive and caring society.

Caroline Maguire
Learner objectives

• Demonstrate the importance of social and emotional assessments in early childhood in order to evaluate a students’ socio-emotional well-being.
• Utilize concrete exercises to help children read others, foster perspective-taking and express empathy (not just sympathy).
• Design curriculum and activities to include empathy, self-awareness and theory of mind
• Create student connectedness and healthy school-based relationships to cultivate equitable learning

Intended audience
Administrator, Early Childhood Special and General Educator, Family Educator, Family Member, Psychologist, Social Worker, Speech/Language Therapist, Teacher Assistant
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Gateways training stage
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Interactions with Children
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Personal and Professional Development